The Merwe-Vierhavengebied (M4H) area is an old port site of approximately 100 hectares on the north side of the River Maas in Rotterdam
It was once one of the largest fruit ports in the world, where the storage and transshipment of various fruits took place on a daily basis.
Now the port is slowly growing into a new living and working area. A diversity of activities is located in the area.
It is part of the M4H Makers District.

The Makers District, consisting of the RDM Rotterdam and Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) areas, is perfect for young companies that can grow into large established companies.

Large companies can experiment with new products or processes here. New technologies are developed, tested and applied.
These new technologies are based on digitization, robotization, additive manufacturing, and on the application of new, sustainable energy and materials.
This makes the Makers District a testing ground and showcase for the new economy. Visible to everyone.

The added value of the Makers District is not only in the physical space, but also in a business climate that stimulates and strengthens collaboration and entrepreneurship.
Cooperation with knowledge and educational institutions in the region is crucial. Here young people are introduced to the technologies of the future

The Makers District is committed to a further connection between M4H and RDM. The aim is to create a community of successful and innovative entrepreneurs, integrated into the wider regional innovation ecosystem of companies, knowledge institutions and funding sources.
The Makers District is increasingly developing into a vibrant area with housing, a wide range of amenities, culture and events.

The water and the quays give the area character and offer space for attractive accommodation, but also for experiments.
It is a place where, sometimes accidental, encounters can lead to unexpected cross-fertilization and surprising innovations.
It is a testing ground where inventions from the area itself are tested and put into practice.

Beagle Building has been developing Beagle Park Marconi for quite some time.
The Building for the Beagle Park Marconi  will be developed in two phases, first on the eastern part of the current Truck parking area of ​​the Sappencluster and phase II on the western part.
It will be the first new-build exponent of the Testing & Production District.

“Testing & Production”

The location for the Beagle Park Marconi is in the northern part of the “Testing & Production district”.
This will be the innovation heart of the new Makers District where testing, making and learning are central.
An area with plenty of space for the larger manufacturing companies.
The type of makers: production and processing of chemical products, plastic/composite, metal, manufacturing of industrial machines and equipment, energy-food production, recycling, Lifesciences and Health (bio)technology companies.

Programmatic breakdown: 90% crafting, 10% utilities

– Environmental category: from 3.1 on the edge to a maximum of category 4.2 in the center.
– Scale: workspaces from 500m2 to 5,000m2.


Beagle Park Marconi:

Beagle Park Marconi is being developed in 2 phases.


Beagle Park Marconi is being built according to high sustainability standards BREEAM Excellent using, among other things, solar panels, connection to the residual heat network, without connection to the natural gas network, with the aim of “zero on the meter”.


The building will be fully prepared for work under strict safety regime Bio Safety Level (BSL) 1, 2 or 3. Suitable for work under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufactory Practice (GMP). The ventilation system meets the highest standard, ventilation rate 6-11 per hour.