Entrance first floor:


General Building information

Beagle Marconi is designed as a 13.600 m2 gross lettable floor area casco+ Laboratory / Office building.

Casco+ means that this building has a standard floor height of 4 meters per floor. This height makes it possible to locate laboratories at any desired location in the building om each floors with the required ventilation. Casco+ includes ventilation installation, which is located in the technical rooms on the roof. Casco+ also includes: stairwells, passenger and service elevators, toilets, ceilings with LED lighting.

During the development phase and construction, the tenants’ wishes, such as lab/office division, lab specifications (BSL1, BSL2, BSL3) partitions, floor coverings are agreed so that the tenants’ wishes are also ready for use upon delivery.

Beagle Park Marconi is being built according to high sustainability standard BREAM Excellent using, among others, solar panels, connection to its own thermal energy storage system, without connection to the natural gas network, with the aim of “zero on the energy-meter”. No CO2 emission.

Entrance floor 2.080 m2 free lettable area

The entrance of Beagle Marconi is located on the Marconistraat. Through a spacious revolving door, you enter the central double high hall. The two building parts can be reached via this central hall via stairwells and lifts to the higher building parts. In this central hall there is sufficient space for one or two receptions. It is possible to separate the building parts by means of an optional wall.

The “back” entrance of the building, is the service and logistic entrance. Space for dispatch has been created with limited storage warehouse capacity. The site offers ample opportunity for logistical movements. It is also possible to store gases and chemicals outside on our own enclosed site.

The bicycle shed is accessible through the back of the building with charging points, changing rooms and shower rooms. there are 15 parking spaces for visitors. Other parking is possible in the parking garage. Space has been created on the side of the building for loading and unloading trailers.