Beagle Marconi BV has the aim of developing and realizing Beagle Marconi Rotterdam a multi-tenant Laboratory / office building for (bio)technological companies but also available for a company that aspires to its “own” building. Beagle Marconi is being developed on the corner Marconistraat – Benjamin Franklinstraat Rotterdam.

Beale Marcini BV established in 2021 from Beagle Building BV and JP van Eesteren | TBI 

The Beagle centers are attractive for successful young companies that are outgrowing their current location and are looking for more space and better facilities. The Beagle centers offers high-quality laboratory and office space, which can be furnished as desired and equipped with necessary installations required for specific activities in a high standard laboratory environment.

Start construction: 2nd half 2023

Completion: 2nd half 2025